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Michael Kühnel, Front-End Developer from Kassel, Germany – blogging about markup, CSS, JavaScript, tooling and related stuff. Sometimes in English and sometimes in German.

  • Switch Node.js versions with the Node Version Manager (nvm)

    Sure you can just use homebrew to update your Node.js installation when there are new releases. It’s in fact very handy to do so. But beside the quirk when it comes to updating npm there is a method which makes switching Node.js version even easier. This became more important since the stable release of Node 4.0 which I like to use. But I have to be able to use a different Node version just in case thinks break with Node 4.0.

  • Quick Tip: Updating your node modules is easy as »1, 2, 3«

    It might be a »no-brainer« in case you are working within the Node.js environment for a while. But I used to ask myself how to figure out if there are updates to my dependencies / devDependencies which are beyond the patch-level updates which are »automatically« installed via the definition within my `package.json`. Because I don’t like to check possible updates separately for every module I’m using in my project.

  • Quick Tip: Update your Git client on Mac OS X

    I like to assist you just in case you wonder how to react on yesterdays announcement of that critical Git security vulnerability. As said within a post on Githubs Blog it’s strongly recommended to update your Git clients as soon as possible. Here we go with a short instruction how to update in case you are using OS X.

  • JavaScript Tooling – Grunt, Bower, Yeoman and stuff …

    I had an internal »Tec Talk« about a JavaScript toolchain including Grunt, Bower, Yeoman. From minifying and concatenating, over linting, documentation, code complexity measuring, dependency management, unit testing to easy scaffolding. I like to share the content and the demo files over here and hope you’ll enjoy it.

  • Quick Tip: Git, Mac OS X and German Umlauts (Umlaute)

    Sure, using umlauts or other special characters within filenames is far from being called a best practice and should be forbidden by law (or at least by convention) for source code repositories. But sometimes you just have to deal with given files and might wonder why you find untracked files in a freshly cloned Git repository. If you’re on Mac OS X there is a great chance that this is caused by Umlauts or other Unicode characters.