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Michael Kühnel, Front-End Developer from Kassel, Germany – blogging about markup, CSS, JavaScript, tooling and related stuff. Sometimes in English and sometimes in German.

  • JSConf Budapest 2017 – A personal recap

    It was my first time attending JSConf Budapest. In this recap I’ll summarize and highlight a few talks and try to convey the overall experience. TL;DR: It was a blast. Thanks to everyone involved :sparkling_heart:

  • Quick Tip: Using Lodash per method packages with Angular (2 and above)

    I didn’t get how to import per method packages and how to include the types in my project. It’s not that hard but I had to invest some time to get this straight. Hope this little tip can save you half an hour.

  • Cheat Sheet: Docker CLI

    I’m new to Docker. So this cheatsheet is primarily for me to help to remember commands for handling containers as well as images.

  • Data mocking – Ways to fake a backend (API)

    What are the advantages of working with fake data in projects with a clean separation between the frontend and the backend? How can we mock our backend with minimum effort? This blogpost will answer this questions and explains different methods of providing data via a dummy backend.

  • Switch Node.js versions with the Node Version Manager (nvm)

    Sure you can just use homebrew to update your Node.js installation when there are new releases. It’s in fact very handy to do so. But beside the quirk when it comes to updating npm there is a method which makes switching Node.js version even easier. This became more important since the stable release of Node 4.0 which I like to use. But I have to be able to use a different Node version just in case thinks break with Node 4.0.

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