I like to assist you just in case you wonder how to react on yesterdays announcement of that critical Git security vulnerability. As said within this post on Githubs Blog it’s strongly recommended to update your Git clients as soon as possible. Here we go with a short instruction how to update in case you are using OS X.

1. If you’re already using Homebrew

`brew update && brew upgrade git` or `brew update && brew install git`

Entering git --version should echo → git version 2.14.1 afterwards.

In case it’s saying something like Git 1.9.x (Apple) instead you have to add export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH to your environment variables via .bashrc or however you handle that. See my dotfiles.

After restarting your terminal git --version should print → git version 2.14.1.

And you’re safe using Git via the command line.

2. If you don’t use Homebrew

Get Homebrew and start reading at »1. If your already using Homebrew«.

Update your Git Gui

In case you’re a using a Git client like Tower oder SourceTree you have to tell those apps which Git version they should use. You can set this via the Applications Preferences hitting ⌘ + , on your Keyboard.

That’s it. Happy coding and merry christmas :christmas_tree: