How to start contributing to Open Source

This talk gives you answers about what you need to know when like to start to contribute to Open Source Software.

Slides from the 21th Webmonday in Kassel (October 2017)

What goes around come around – How to get involved in Open Source

This talk explains why the open source world needs you and shows different ways how everyone can support Open Source Software.

Slides from the 17th Webmonday in Kassel (January 2017)

ES6 / ES2015 and beyond

This talk is about ECMAScript in general, the most important ES6 Features and explains how can we use them today.

Slides from the an internal company tech talk (April 2016)

Data Mocking – Ways to create a fake backend

This (german) talk is about different ways to fake an API for development purposes. It’s based on the blog post Data mocking – Ways to fake a backend (API).

Slides from the 13th Webmonday in Kassel (March 2016)

Package Management für das Frontend

Präsentation über Package Management mit Bower und npm. Gemeinsamkeiten, Unterschiede, Einsatzzweck und die potentielle Zukunft des Package Management für das Frontend.

Slides vom 8. Webmontag in Kassel (April 2015)

JavaScript Tooling

Talk about a JavaScript toolchain including Grunt, Bower, Yeoman. From minifying and concatenating, over linting, documentation, code complexity measuring, dependency management, unit testing to easy scaffolding.

The demo project is available at GitHub. Check the different Git Tags according to the levels within the presentation.

Slides and screen-recording from an internal Tec-Talk at Micromata (December 2014).

Screenshot: DalekJS presentation

Cross-Browser-Testing with DalekJS

Slides from the 6th Webmontag in Kassel (September 2014).

The state of JavaScript Linting

A presentation about JS Syntax Checking and Validation. Answers the question: »What is this linting thing all about?« and introduces tools like JSLint, JSHint and ESLint.

Slides from 3rd Webmontag Kassel (March 2014).

jQuery .data() und HTML5 data Attribute

Short introduction of how to handle data attributes with jQuery. Showing the pitfalls and when the difference to setting/getting them via .attr().

Slides from 2nd Webmontag Kassel (January 2014).

How to use Twitter?

Explaning the main differences between Facebook and Twitter and showing who sees what on their timeline.

Slides from 2st Webmontag Kassel (November 2013).

Building native iOS Apps with webtechnologies

Roundtrip through the tools and possibilities to use the web stack to ship native apps.

Slides from 2nd Webmontag Marburg (October 2012).

Frontend Coding Guidelines - Ein Baustein zur Qualitätssicherung

Diese Präsentation beantwortet die folgenden Fragen:

  • Für wen sind Coding Guidelines sinnvoll?
  • Warum?
  • Was sollte enthalten sein?

Slides from 1st Webmontag Marburg (Juli 2012)